Exchange documents, send and receive files

Do you want to automate your document management? Do you want to send electronic documents to other programs? Do you want to receive electronic documents in your programs? Do you want to send larger files that not can be sent by email? Do you want to manage your contracts electronically?

Our service means that you can send and receive e-documents (files) via our website or via our API. You can send and receive all types of files through our service, movies, music, pictures, agreements, e-invoices, games and more. If you want to automate your document flow, you can create applications that call our API, you can send documents from your application and receive documents in your application with our API. You can also send files to others and download files that others have sent to you on our website.

With our service you can manage contracts electronically, an agreement sent via our service can be signed electronically by all parties concerned by the agreement. Qualified electronic signatures are valid as signatures in many countries. You can sign files with an ID card (Smartcard) and a smart card reader, with our certificate or with BankID (Sweden).

It's free to join us, you only pay when you use our services. When you register a new account, your account balance will be filled up with 2 GiB and 10 file recipients, which can be used immediately.


Join for free!


It's free to join us, you pay nothing when you download files or when you sign files. You pay when you send files (upload files) through our service, it's a price per file recipient and a price per GiB (file size). Prices are stated without VAT, value added tax may be added to the price. As a member you have account balances for GiB and file recipients, when these balances are negative, we can send you an invoice.

0.2 USD per file recipient and 1 USD per GiB