About us

What is the service about?

We provide a document/file switch that aims to facilitate document/file flow between persons. When you want to send a file to another person, this document is temporarily stored on our servers, our service ensures that both the sender and the recipients can download this document/file. Persons other than the sender, recipients and administrators of our service are not allowed to download files stored on our servers. The file exchange is based on e-mail addresses, each person in a file exchange is identified by their e-mail. E-mail addresses are unique and can reasonably be said to belong to the person who has verified the e-mail address.

A file exchange is a service that allows a document to be sent from a sender to one or more recipients. Our service can handle all types of files, not just text-based documents. You can send movies, music, pictures and other files through our service. The file/document flow between persons can be automated with our Files API, you can create a program that sends files through our service and your application can download files from our service. The files sent do not need to be stored on disk, the application can create the file and send it as a stream to our service. Your application can download a file from our service and process this file without having to store it on a disk.

The main purpose of our service is to facilitate the flow of e-documents between different program. E-documents is electronic documents that are set up in accordance with different standards, such as e-invoice, e-orders, e-agreements and e-drawings. If the document flow can be automated, it may lead to time savings and simplifications regarding the administration of documents.

The company behind the service

A Name Not Yet Taken AB is a creative company that helps companies and individuals by offering products that provide both content and entertainment.

A Name Not Yet Taken AB was founded on September 13, 2011 and has taken over the activities of JFS Bokföring HB, which was started in early 2005.

Our business is project-based, as we usually work on new projects in our daily operations. Our product portfolio today consists of websites, Xbox games and apps for Android. We also have a small accounting and programming consulting business, but our main focus is on improving existing products and developing new products.